Ways to Donate

At the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Omaha, financial support from the community is critical to helping us carry out our mission:
We believe that helping people starts at home. Any contribution, large or small, helps us help our neighbors in need throughout the Omaha area.
Your support ensures that the Society of St. Vincent de Paul will remain a vital part of the community and enable us to continue serving the poor in a spirit of justice and charity.

Provide essential needs to continue the mission of responding to need and sharing in hope.
Debit/Credit Card, ACH, One Time or Monthly

Sponsors are crucial to the success of the Society by underwriting event costs, allowing greater net profits  for our programs.
Debit/Credit Card or ACH payments

Devoted partners pledge sustained giving of $100 or more per month to provide financial consistency.
This generous commitment is acknowledged as an “Apostle of Charity."

Equally important are our sustaining members who donate $25 or more each month to provide financial consistency for our programs.  This devotion is acknowledged as a “Disciple of Charity."

Host a Pantry Drive of in-kind donations to keep our choice pantry shelves stocked or financial donations to keep our meat freezers stocked.

Donate gently used clothing, household items and furniture to our Thrift Stores.
Whether shopping or donating you are giving.

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