How We Help

SVdP Help Line | Rent. Utilities. Hope.

The Society of Saint Vincent dePaul offers temporary emergency assistance to those unable to meet their immediate basic needs.

Help is provided by volunteers from Omaha and the surrounding area’s Catholic parishes, who will meet with you to determine your needs and help find the resources to meet those needs.

To find a parish near you, call the St. Vincent de Paul Help Line: 402-346-5445

SVdP Food Pantry | Supplemental Food. Once per Month

The SVdP Pantry offers a “choice style” pantry allowing our clients to choose the items they like and prefer.
Options typically include milk, frozen meat, fresh produce, bread, and a variety of packaged food items.


Pantry Location:  2101 Leavenworth Street

Frequency:  Once per calendar month.

Required Identification:
1. Photo ID of head of household
2. Verification of address such as a piece of mail
3. Identification for all household members, such as photo ID, Social Security card, or Medical ID.

We do not write down SS numbers, the ID is only used to confirm the number of individuals within each household.

Because we distribute USDA food items, we do ask the following questions:
“Is anyone in your household currently employed?"
“Is anyone in your household currently enrolled in SNAP (Food Stamps)?"

Our goal is to provide healthy supplemental food to our community neighbors in need.

SVdP Thrift Stores | Free Clothing. Every 60 Days.

The SVdP Thrift Stores offers free clothing to all family members once every 60 days.



Must have photo ID or SS card for each person

Children, up to age 15, may receive up to 3 outfits if available

Adults may receive up to 2 outfits


Leavenworth:  2101 Leavenworth Street, 402-341-1688

Benson Store:  5920 Maple Street, 402-551-5501

South Omaha Store: 5037 South 24 Street, 402-733-3500